Respect, Equality and Justice for Women and Children

Shay Cullen Writes “Respect, Equality and Justice for Women and Children”
30 August 2019

It is two thousand and 19 years since the vital truth and principles of women’s and children’s rights and dignity were championed in the world. Today, the struggle and campaign for equality, rights, respect and human dignity of children and women goes on because the rights of women are not universally respected.

Despite laws to protect women and children, millions are still enslaved, abused, harassed, exploited and endure a lower status than men in many societies. They are quickly blamed for wrongdoing but the men are not. Many males are misogynists and consider themselves superior and entitled to dominate women.

The Story in the New Testament as told in John 8:1-11 is that it was the inspired teacher, prophet, leader that stood by an accused woman. He clearly objected to the humiliating, revengeful threat to have the woman stoned to death by asking who among the men accusing her, which of them had never sinned. They were ashamed of their guilt, dropped their stones, and left. “Where are they, woman, is there no one left to condemn you? he asked. “No one, Sir,” she answered. “Well then,” he said “I do not condemn you either.”

So respect, equality, justice and truth is what all people of good will need and deserve, especially women and children. We must strive to make that a reality.

John 8:1-11

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