To be a Good Person

To be a Good Person
Father Shay Cullen

The heart of good living is to be honest, to be a person of integrity, to feel compassion and concern for those worse off than yourself. You need self-discipline and to believe in and respect, as you respect yourself, the rights and dignity of every person.

The good person will support the poor and know that they are worthy of your concern and commitment to help. To believe that those who have less in life should have more in justice.

As the good person, you will reach out and act for justice, work for social inclusion and equality of all and practice what you believe through intelligent action. The good person will volunteer to help in the community, protect the vulnerable, lift up the downtrodden, respond to injustice, speak the truth, share your resources, and enlighten those in darkness. You will act to preserve the environment and protect the planet and do all without seeking rewards.

Read more on Matthew 25:34-40, Luke 10:25-37 and Luke 6:20-25.
Father Shay Cullen

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