The Three Great Catastrophes Facing Mankind

The Three Great Catastrophes Facing Mankind

Fr. Shay Cullen

May 21, 2020

There are three deadly catastrophic events engulfing the world as you read this. None of us can ignore these realities without suffering the dire consequences. Should we do so, we will be less human, less responsible and become more self-centered and even devoid of the great virtues and values that make good people better. The first is the pandemic coronavirus (covid-19). The second is global warming and the dangerous climate change it is bringing to the planet and each one of us. The third is the age-old human evil of child slavery and child sexual abuse. For all three, we need to respond with a vigorous determination and global unity. Each is an evil, a disaster, a catastrophe that is happening now.

The coronavirus is attacking the children in jail where they are cramped, squeezed, and forced to live in tiny government cells, in grave danger of the virus where they are likely waiting to die.  We appeal to the Philippine public, judges, the Public Attorney’s Office, Office and mayors to act to save the children. I previously exposed the truth of children in jails and the heinous crimes of sexual, physical and psychological abuse against the smaller children by the older inmates. View this on 

The coronavirus has locked-down families and some have continued sexually exploiting their own children or the children of others on the internet using cellphones and tablets. They are screening their naked children and some abusing them in front of the camera for foreign customers who pay them by money transfer. Only a tiny fraction of the abuse is discovered by international police forces and Interpol. The streaming of child sexual abuse is banned by law in the Philippines. The National Telecommunications Commission is mandated under RA 9775 (section 9) to enforce the law that mandates all Internet Server Providers to install software to block and filter child pornography and live streaming. But they don’t enforce the law and thousands of children are being sexually abused online and many more in danger of online cyber-sex abuse.

The latest victims of this gross government neglect were rescued from cyber-sex abuse and were admitted to the Preda home for sexually abused girls last week. Two of them, Jane, 14 and Charmie, 11, and six-year old Patricia (not real names) had been used by their own stepmother in online sexual abuse and were in the process of contacting another customer from Australia when they were rescued by operatives of the National Bureau of Investigation’s Anti-Human Trafficking Division (NBI-AHTRAD) and the Philippine National Police Women and Children Protection Center (PNP-WCPC) from a 34-year old female suspect. She was forcing the children to perform sexual acts live on webcam for paying customers. She has been arrested.

When admitted to the Preda home they were given care, comfort, encouragement and affirmation. They were warmly welcomed and reassured they are good children, innocent and had done no wrong. They were assured that they will find safety and new friends at the Preda home. They were given tasty meals, new clothes, toys and a special apartment and Preda caregivers. The next day they were smiling and talking to the Preda social workers and telling openly what they had endured.

Just in case they were exposed to Covid-19, the Preda staff called in medical personnel to administer a rapid diagnostic test for Covid-19. They happily proved negative but will stay in the special apartment for 14 days to be sure. Then, they can join the community of fifty children that are healing and recovering from child rape and human slavery and trafficking.

They endured much abuse. The eldest, Jane, 14, told Preda social workers that she was nine years old when she was first brought to the Wild Orchid Hotel by her mother together with her sister, Rose 16 years old. Jane was allegedly sexually abused by two Australian men, one named Daniel and another William Allen Corley in Clarkton Hotel in Angeles City. The men allegedly videotaped and photographed the sex abuse of the children. William Corley, 63, from West Ryde in Sydney was arrested recently in Australia and released on bail in April this year. He is charged with crimes related to sending payments to the Philippines to pay for online child sex abuse and being in possession of child pornography.

The Australian Federal Police can now charge him for allegedly sexually abusing and endangering Jane, Charmie and and Patricia. The children will soon be healing, recovering and empowered to testify against Corley and his friend Daniel. The Australian police will soon identify him. The pictures of the three children are likely to be in Corley’s collection of child porn seized by Australian police. They can contact us at or +63 9228768621.

The most recent episode of abuse was in their small house in Angeles City. The stepmother pimp was in contact with another Australian man that lives in Melbourne and he has been identified by the children and the pimp. He was waiting for the sex abuse to begin when the police arrived and rescued the children and arrested the pimp.

Charmie, now 11- years old, was abandoned by her mother and her father’s new live-in partner brought her to hotels all around Angeles City when she was ten. Child sex abuse, child pornography and cyber-sex is allegedly a common business in the hotels and hopefully not totally ignored by local police and politicians.

Charmie was forced to participate in live internet cyber-sex shows. After each show, they gave her money. Six-year old Princess was also brought to the hotels and she has not yet spoken about what abuse was done to her on camera or by the pedophiles.

This is just one of thousands of acts of child sex abuse in the Philippines and millions more in every country on the world. It is a global disaster for our children and a catastrophe for the world. Humans are the only species who do this to their offspring. The majority of the perpetrators of child abuse are the biological fathers and live-in partners followed by pedophiles helped by women pimps. Most of it is covered up and hidden and children hide it all their lives.

To choose to remain silent, hide away and do nothing is allowing child abuse to spread like another pandemic. Preda Foundation saves hundreds of children and wins as many as twenty convictions against child rapists every year. Help the work with advocacy and support. Stand up and speak out for the child victims.

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