Matthew 18.6-7

Father Shay Cullen, Reflections

Matthew 18.6-7

Many hunger for justice in the face of crimes against humanity, rape crimes, and genocide, corruption where the rich steal from the poor, where the children go hungry and live in slums and dire poverty while the selfish rich take it all. We can wonder if there ever will be justice in this world or the next. Jesus of Nazareth taught that yes there would be justice, in this world, if we worked for it .

“If anyone should cause any of these little children to lose faith in me it would be better for that person to have a large millstone tied around his neck and he be drowned in the deep sea”. That is not a call for the death penalty but for justice and protection for the children. He said it when his disciples asked who was the most important among them. He stood a child before them and said children were the most important. So these words are a challenge for all of us as humans and believers in the rights and dignity of all.

We are all challenged whether we are admirers of Jesus of Nazareth and his Gospel values or not. It is a warning to child abusers and for us to act to help the abused. He said it should be a large stone and thrown in the deep sea. It’s a lot to think about and much yet to do to protect children.

Shay Cullen

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