Zimmer the Alleged Pimp who Abused Little Children

Zimmer the Alleged Pimp who Abused Little Children
11 July 2018

Lillian May “Sherry” Zimmer is a US national and a suspected pimp of little children with an outstanding arrest warrant in the Philippines. She has allegedly sexually abused three of five little children or allowed foreign men to do it to the five-year-old girls and one boy that she kept locked in her house. Zimmer denied the charges and presents herself as another Mother Theresa helping and loving needy children. The reality is very different.

The five children were allegedly illegally confined in her hidden and secluded house in Aningway-Sacatihan, Subic, Zambales. On 1 June 2014, Preda social workers discovered the terrible secret. The children, one of them naked, ran from the house of Zimmer when she was intoxicated and they went to the nearby Preda children’s center where they heard the children in the Preda home for girls singing.

They told the social workers they didn’t know their own names or why they were in the house of Zimmer and they were hungry. The Preda social workers gave them food and brought the little children who appeared about five and six years old back to the house of Zimmer. She appeared disoriented and angry.

The house was dirty and a child was seen tied to a plastic chair and excrement was near the child. Zimmer talked to the social workers and then told them to leave. The social workers reported the events to their supervisor. They went back in a few days and the situation was the same. Preda, a child protection organization, reported the situation of apparent child neglect to the authorities.

Soon after, when the National Bureau of Investigation (NBI) officers with government social workers went to rescue the children, as was their duty under the law, she resisted and threw a spear at them. They arrested her and charged her with the illegal confinement of children and “assaulting persons in authority.” She operated without DSWD approval. (see https://www.preda.org/zimmer-case/

They investigated and saw the conditions that her house was dirty, strewn with empty whiskey bottles and in chaos. They found a child tied to a chair, the others half naked, neglected, crying and locked in a room to prevent them running away.

The children told social workers Zimmer scolded them and smacked them. Later, journalists found a sign in her house saying, “No Whining.” The children told government social workers and psychologists that foreign men went to the secluded house of Zimmer. According to the testimony of a 7-year-old boy locked in the house, one man sexually abused him in the shower and photographed him naked. Zimmer beat the boy with a stick, he said. Zimmer allowed the abuse to happen.

The girls said Zimmer dressed them up and brought them to foreign men at a beach for parties where the men held and touched them. The medico-legal examination confirmed that the children were neglected and sexually abused. (see medico-legal certificates also at https://www.preda.org/zimmer-case/ The child that was tied to a plastic chair was later found to be suffering from epilepsy and x-rays showed a previous healed fracture.

The agents of National Bureau of Investigation (NBI) charged Zimmer in the Philippine Regional Trial Court in Olongapo City. Preda brought no charges and had no involvement in what happened to the accused Zimmer. She was broke and could not pay bail or hire a lawyer. When expensive lawyers from Manila showed up to represent Zimmer, it is likely that the foreign men to whom she brought the children to “play” paid for her lawyers. Also it is likely that she would name them and blame them for abusing the children so they paid. They petitioned the court to dismiss the case. Judge Jose L. Bautista Jr. did so without further hearings of evidence.

This was immediate and a very dubious decision. He dismissed the case by saying the government social workers and police had no search warrant. But the law says none is needed to rescue children in dire circumstance. The judge retired soon after. Immediately, Zimmer fled to a house in Fayetteville, NC 28304 in North Carolina, the United States.

The horrific crime against the little children has gone unpunished and Zimmer or those foreigners to whom she allegedly pimped and trafficked them to be abused has got off scot-free, for now. As is usual with non-Filipino pedophiles and pimps like Zimmer and her friends in the sex mafia, she denied everything and blamed Preda Foundation on social media for her plight.

It is foreigners like Zimmer and many others that are destroying the children of this country. They are given permits and licenses to run sex resorts and bars. These are fronts for the victims of human trafficking and the prostitution of young Filipino girls. Many of them are minors forced to take drugs and become drug dependent and controlled. Many are in debt bondage for the drugs. The pimps like Zimmer sell them into sex slavery for the foreign sex tourists to rape and abuse. They pay the highest price and buy minors and sexually abuse them.

Many young virgins are advertised on the internet and put up for bidding like in a slave market .The highest bidder can come and get them to abuse. Many tolerate this industry. They deny human trafficking happens, they pretend it does not go on and yet as many as 100,000 Filipino children are trafficked into the sex tourist business in the Philippines annually.

President Rodrigo Duterte ought to use his executive powers and all the legal means to investigate the sex industry and the drug traffickers, cancel their permits like he did in Boracay and stop the exploitation of the young Filipino girls and boys. He can save them and give them a better life of dignity and freedom.

Visit and support http://www.preda.org and Preda Foundation Inc. Facebook page.

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