Violence Against the Minors

Violence Against the Minors
Fr. Shay Cullen
4 December 2016

The greatest challenge of the war on drugs for President Rodrigo Duterte is the proliferation of the daily dangerous drugs sales in the twenty thousand or so sex bars and karaoke clubs in the red light districts of the Philippines. His greatest success and legacy will be if he has the courage and the political will of the tough-talking “Punisher” to save the minors and the women in the sex bars.

This will be his greatest challenge and he will surely rise to meet it and he can save this generation and the next as he vows to do.

No one, especially all the poor Filipinos, should be enslaved as victims of human trafficking to serve to satisfy the sexual addictions and drug dependency of the foreign sex tourists and the locals. Hundreds of thousands of children and young girls are forced, lured and trafficked into the sex industry every year and sold to the foreign and local sex tourists as if they are the throwaway Filipinos, fodder for the satisfaction of the male predators. Many are infected with HIV-Aids as a result of their abuse by the far traveling sex tourists.

The foreign sex tourists come here because they believe there is no punishment that they are encouraged to abuse the minors and women in the bars because the sex bars have a mayor’s permit to operate. Go to any one city like here in Olongapo City or Angeles City, Cebu City , Davao City and you will be disgusted and feel ashamed.

There you will see in any of the sex bars dozens of overweight, obese middle-aged foreigners of all nationalities sitting with young girls on their knees and pawing them as they watch other young girls gyrate and put on a sex show.

The girls force a smile, others look very miserable and sad. How could a young person be happy being the sex slave to these sex tourists? They take the girl to a room at the back of the bar or to a hotel and rape and abuse them sometimes with violence. They do acts of abuse they could never do in their own countries.

It is all part of the business. Millions of dollars change hands and a few pesos are given to the victims. If the girl gets pregnant, there is the forced abortion in a clinic nearby. The mama-sans takes care of that and a fetus is ripped out and flushed down the toilet. In this secret and dirty trade of human persons, the cost in human life is enormous.

The foreign sex tourists get away with child abuse because they believe the police are corrupt and protecting the drug and sex trade and they can pay bribes and then do what they like. Philippine National Police Chief Ronald Dela Rosa wept in the senate hearing when he heard how corrupt the police were.

Police in some jails will even offer a young girl in detention to a visitor for a price. “It’s a win-win for her, for me and for you,” one policeman told an undercover reporter.

Cybersex crimes with children to please foreign customers viewing live online is a terrible abuse of a child. Many people think that the crime is just a child taking off her clothes in front of an Internet connected camera. But it is much more serious. It is rape live on camera. Australian Peter Scully raped and murdered a six-year-old child on camera in the Philippines and sold it abroad. It is still going on. Foreign child sex abusers video their acts and sell them over the Internet.

Children as young as eight to twelve are raped live by adult males on live web-cam. Foreign customers on the other side of the world view the crime as it happens. That is a daily crime and it is ongoing wherever there is an Internet connection in the sex dens and bars, in the slums and hotel rooms. The desire for money to buy drugs is part of it.

President Duterte, the Punisher, will surely catch up with them and give them their just punishment and justice for the children and the victims of violence and abuse. These are the foreign sex tourists who are destroying the image of the Philippines and causing dependency of the poor Filipino on them.

It is a disgrace to the nation that mayors are giving permits and even owning sex bars themselves and are blameworthy for allowing it to happen as a daily business. The children and girls are made into drug dependent and they need to be freed and get help protection and treatment. The operators and drug pushers in the clubs must be brought to justice.

President Duterte can win freedom for hundreds of thousands minors and young women in bondage to the clubs and sex bars. His police need not shoot anybody. He has only to issue an executive order forbidding the operation of these houses of hell, close the dens and sex bars and end the drug addiction and sexual abuses of minors and young women.

To stop the cybersex, he only has to implement the Anti-Child Pornography Act of 2009 otherwise known as RA 9775. This mandates the Internet server providers to block and filter out child porn. But they don’t do it ,they violate the law and are criminally liable.Besides the National Telecommunications Commission (NTC) is not implementing the law. Why not? Horrific child porn is available to minors on smart phones nowadays. Your child could be viewing it unwittingly.

The law has to be amended to make the punishment not fines but jail sentences. Who better to clean up the corruption but the President and have a war against cyber crime and he must challenge the super rich Internet corporations that are above the law.End

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