Strict Regulations Drive UK out of the EU?

Strict Regulations Drive UK out of the EU?
Fr.Shay Cullen

The over-regulation by the EU on organic banana and organic certification process that excludes the poor is one example of how the EU commission in Brussels is killing the dream of ever closer union and driving the members apart.

In a historical vote the divided people of England Wales, Nr.Ireland and Scotland voted by a slim margin to discard their membership of the European Union. The people of Scotland voted overwhelming to remain. Scotland will likely move now to have another referendum to claim independence from England and the United Kingdom will be less united.

For the nationalist movement this is big victory but economists have predicted it is a disaster for the UK economy.The value of the pound sterling has fallen dramatically and imports will cost the British consumer a lot more. There will be major setbacks in the economy .

The main complaint of the British people and why they voted to leave is that the EU commission in Brussels is a huge bureaucracy and many of its rules and regulations are imposed on the members in an undemocratic way. The members of the ruling commission making the rules are non-elected bureaucrats. They allegedly make life hard for small traders and favor the multinationals. It seems that this obsession to control and dictate in a domineering fashion is driving people away from the EU and can bring it to an end in twenty years.

Many of the rules are seen as the work of powerful lobby groups. The international banana industry like United Fruits are said to have influenced the commission to rule that only certain sized ,color and shape of banana can be allowed into the EU market. This ruled out the organic banana for many years ,which is natural and small and in great demand and challenged the big curved tasteless banana peddled by the multinationals. So they found a way to exclude the poor even if the poor farmers had a better product .

By these corrupt and unfair ways they were excluded and could not benefit. The banana restrictions have ,under great pressure from the Fair Trade movement has begun to change in recent years. The tendency to impose the same stringed standards for European organic farmers on the poor peasant farmers of the South is an ploy to exclude the poor and maximize the profits of the multinations.

The organic production from the developed world is a threat to the multinationals so they allegedly lobby to restrict and even control the organic certification process in the EU . The rules and the expense of fees and expenses to become certified are so stringent and so huge that the poor are again excluded. The ordinary European citizens realize that they cannot get organic foods at reasonable cost to stay healthy so they will loose heart in the EU also and more will follow the UK out of the the EU

The organic regulations are so stringent that they allow unregulated excessive fees to be charged by European organic certifying bodies with rules and regulations that block the poor farmers and associations from the developing countries to get access to the EU market for there agricultural products . This form of liberal capitalism has bene condemned as oppressive and extending poverty. The European certification bodies have a monopoly on the process and maximize profits at teh expense of the poor.They exclude
the poor form the market.

This exit by The United Kingdom from European Union is a revolt of the middle class and working class people against the elite ruling class in the UK and in the EU. Perhaps the European leaders and the bureaucrats have brought this upon themselves with the sick obsession with anti-poor over-regulation and policies of exclusion.

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