Freedom day song saves jailed children.

Freedom day song saves jailed children.
Shay Cullen

A 16 year old school girl is hitting the news with her phenomenal emotive Song of Freedom. This is a time for us to promote the great values and virtues of human life : Freedom and justice ,truth and humanitarian action for the most vulnerable and abused children. The Song of Freedom tells the truth about the children behind bars and jailed for no reason and in violation of their civil and human rights and how we can save them and change the cruel system that jails them.

You can get this amazing song by 16 year old Róisín Seoighe on Amazon and soon on iTunes for a few Euro. You can then share it with your friends to encourage and inspire them to advocate the rights of the children to a childhood.

Listening to this song will help us to appreciate our own freedoms and good life and the blessings of freedom that we enjoy but that the children don’t have. It is a precious right taken away from thousands of children. Downloading this song will help pay to rescue another child from jail and support them at the beautiful Preda home. Go to: Amazon

These children suffer severe violations of their human rights.We are saving many of them from jails and terrible conditions but together we can save more and change the system that is putting them inside,The Philippine municipal cities have these child detention centers and they think punishment and detention behind bars is the best for them being homeless street kids. However they are abused inside and the authorities are violating the civil and human rights of these children.

Downloading the song is one way to promote human rights and help children this Christmas and for a long time into the future.
Please do it now and share information and photos on www, Besides dying for them there is no greater deed than to free the abused children.

Shay Cullen SSC.

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